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Kate's Story 

February 12th, 2012

This was the date that my life was to change forever in the most incredible and positive way.

I was 46 years old and mum to 4 children aged 8-12 years. I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer ; Lobular invasive grade 3 breast cancer with a high pleomorphic presentation . I decided that I would not tell my children and would keep this  private with approximately 6 people and family members . 3 of my children did not know my diagnosis for almost 2 years and my son for almost a year. I believe cancer to be an industry and I did not want my children to be exposed to such an industry and be fearful.


 3 weeks post diagnosis  I entered a private London clinic and underwent  a double ‘skin sparing’ mastectomy with loss of both nipples, and immediate reconstruction using silicone implants. I took two books into the hospital with me;

A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Dr Max Gersonand The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell , Thomas M. Campbell II.

On day 2 post-surgery , i began to read and with five drains in situ , later that day, i left the hospital. I had been booked to reman for 7 days!  I had made a dreadful mistake by merely removing the symptom. Allopathic medicine was not going to save me . I had to save myself. 

A week later, I read 3 peer reviewed studies , stating  that if i did everything offered; Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, tamoxifen, zolodex, I had a 20% chance of surviving two years and 0% chance of surviving 5. Another blow. I had just had my breasts removed for nothing! (10 years later my surgeon said to me , “you have done well to be alive”! He knew exactly what I had done and had supported me quietly during all those years by monitoring my surgery and revision and any bloods that I requested).  

I decided to follow several treatments . The full Gerson Therapy, Vitamin B17 tablet protocol, high dose oral Vitamin C , Mistletoe (Iscador)Subcutaneous  injections into my abdomen and the healing code… for my soul.


The full Gerson therapy for the next two years and beyond

“Where the inflammation metabolism begins, the cancer metabolism stops”. Doctor Gerson quoting professor G. von Bergmann.

The poisoned body cannot produce an inflammation , the detoxified body cam.


“Cancer metabolism starts with the body is no longer able to produce a healing inflammation”. Doctor Gerson quoting Professor G.von Bergman

In his book, ‘a cancer therapy, results of 50 cases”, Doctor Gerson wrote, “In my opinion, cancer is not a problem of deficiencies in hormones, vitamins and enzymes . It is not a problem of allergies or infections, virus or others. It is not a poisoning through some metabolic or exogeneous substance (carcinogen) , [nor a genetic problem]. It is an accumulation of numerous damaging factors combined in causing the deterioration of the whole metabolism when the liver has been progressively impaired.”   

Having my breasts removed, cut off, my body butchered , was unproductive and it certainly wasn't going to save my life and enable me to see my children grow up . It was just treating the symptom and merely a drastic, temporary solution!  I was going to have to address all the factors that Doctor Gerson had identified . I needed to restore my body's defences; my immune system by strengthening  my liver and all its numerous functions, and intensively detoxifying all my body systems. The therapy was going to address the basic causes of my body's breakdown, deficiency and toxicity. I could do this . I had to do this . I had no other option . My children needed a mother, and this was my driving force . I never faltered for the next two years. 

Detoxification or the principle of using diet to affect cure was what I was aiming to achieve.


The philosophy as applied by Doctor Gerson approached centred on 4 points of approach.


1. Re-establishment of the oxidative metabolism

2. Initiation and support of the healing inflammation

3 Elimination of the tumour tissue and toxicity - detoxification by the liver

4 Restoration of tissues (structure and function) 


Doctor Gerson stated that malignancy is cell adoption to local conditions, And adjustment to the preceding pathologies . He surmised , that if you changed the internal environment so that the malignancy could not survive, if the body was bought to a vitality where it could generate a healing inflammation , digestion of the tumour, if the body was then able to eliminate tumour products along with other toxicity within the body, then you would indeed see cure. “After I recognised the healing of cancer to be a parenteral digestion, the entire therapeutic endeavour was subordinated to this purpose”, stated Dr Gerson.

And so I began – The Juices, freshly pressed and hourly:

 13 fresh 8 oz juices daily.

 1 orange juice,

 4 green juices,

5 carrot and apple juices,

3 carrot juices daily.

I would make up my carrot juices in the afternoon and put them in a flask so that I could consume them on the school run . I was driving 80 miles a day just to get my children to their schools and after school activities . I ran my house and my Gerson Therapy with military precision!


The diet: In order to initiate healing and the detoxification process, only organic and chemical free fresh foods were allowed . No salt/ high potassium diet. A reduction in protein, no fats other than cold pressed flaxseed oil.


Protein: fat free yoghurt, brown rice one to three times weekly, later legumes one to three times weekly, and much later two eggs and fish weekly can be added but I personally never added this to my therapy.


The fat free, salt free, sugar free, vegan diet for the first six weeks and only 200 ml fat free yoghurt thereafter. How I loved that yogurt! The protein was restricted because a high protein diet is not considered a healing diet full stop protein is difficult to digest full stop it taxed as the digestive system and depletes digestive enzyme activity and creates a tremendous toxic burden on the system. Doctor Gerson found it impossible to detoxify and rebuild the body on a diet that incorporated protein in excess of the body's requirements. His healing diet is high in the easily digestible carbohydrate foods and it obeys all the rules of the traditional healing diet. 

At lunch and at dinner, I would have to have 8 ounces of Hippocrates soup ; A very specific recipe, cooked for two hours, all the fibre  removed with a food mill  . The soup is to the kidneys as the coffee enema is to the liver . Both aid detoxification. I would have porridge for breakfast with permitted fruits , lunch would be potatoes , a cooked vegetable and a salad, with fruit as dessert and dinner would be the same. I became very inventive with my recipes and dressings using the herbs that were permitted and apple cider vinegar and I began to eat lots of garlic! I began to I also began to love the food and still eat this way today. For more information on permitted food and spices;

Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases : Gerson, Charlotte, Bishop, Beata: Books

The supplements / medications:

Potassium compound solution added to each juice,

niacin ,


lugol's half strength iodine,


acidol - pepsin/ betaine hydrochloride 

I also took the following that were not included in the therapy ; Turmeric, selenium, zinc , vitamin C , CoQ10 Vitamin B12 Laetrile, inf-zyme Forte.


And to the most controversial part of the therapy, The coffee enemas !

Coffee enemas for detoxification purposes is well known and have been practised for many decades. Coffee enemas are the best way to stimulate bile production and it's flushing out. This is due to several pharmacologically acting substances in the coffee. Also increased are the number of toxins which are conjugated in the bile. This is due to the activity of the palmitates, which activates the enzyme system, glutathione-s-transferase, sevenfold.


This enzyme system (which is selenium dependant) is responsible for conjugating toxins and ‘mopping up’ free radicals and delivering them to the bile via glutathionenation pathway. From here they are carried out via the common bile duct to the small intestine. The neutralisation of free radicals effectively prevents oxidative damage; therefore, this enzyme performs a protective role against hepatic damage due to the toxins.

There are six major detoxification pathways in the liver of which glutathionenation is only one. The other five pathways are not stimulated by the coffee enema.

The combination of theobromine, theophylline, and caffeine stimulates the relaxation of smooth muscles. This causes dilation of blood vessels and bile ducts; hence bile flow is increased.


The coffee enema is unsurpassed in its capacity to stimulate the flushing of toxic bile.  Doctor Gerson and his Gerson Therapy found that he was unable to detox his patient at the rate required to cure cancer without the coffee enemas.


Taking a coffee enema has the different effect to drinking a coffee. The coffee is absorbed by the mesenteric veins that serve the colon. These flow directly into the portal vein which enters the liver. The enema is retained for 15 minutes, during which time it stimulates the hepatocytes to cleanse the blood thus removing toxins.


The entire blood circulation will be cycled through the liver five times during the enema.; once every three minutes. This enables a thorough cleanse. With the bile ducts open, a flushing of toxic bile is facilitated which enters the gastrointestinal tract. The litre of fluid is retained in the lower colon and stimulates peristaltic activity. This ensures the propulsion of bile through the intestine to the outside.

The coffee enema targets the liver. It will support and facilitate the release of toxins that the liver has removed from the circulation. If these toxins were left in the circulation, we would become very ill. Our entire systemic circulation and the lymph, as it enters the circulation and is taken directly to the liver via the subclavian vein, passes through the liver every 3 minutes.

All the toxins that I was exposed to and continued to be exposed to were adding to my personal toxic burden on my liver burden on my liver.

The coffee enema aids the liver in clearing toxins through several active compounds that stimulate one of the main detoxification pathways; Glutathione-S-transferase. This leads to a rapid clearance of toxins via the bile system.

On a detoxification programme, the Gerson Therapy, depending on how toxic I was, the coffee enema was  essential to my recovery and cure; I refuse to use the word “remission’! I was very toxic. I began to love my coffee enemas because I felt so well after them. When having revision surgery and nipple reconstruction several months later , i also learned the coffee enemas were fantastic at removing pain !

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