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Meet Natural Nurse

As a natural health and wellness consultant, I help people achieve optimal health in a natural way. I believe in addressing the root cause of health issues, rather than just treating symptoms. With a focus on holistic health, I work with my clients to create personalized wellness plans that include nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle changes. My mission is to empower others to take control of their health and live their best lives.


Let's work together to achieve your health goals. 


Why did it go so wrong 

In the past, matters relating to health and nutrition were very different. A lot of our ancient knowledge appears to have been 'mislaid' or deliberately removed. When oil was discovered or starting to become utilised and researched, certain people discovered compounds that could be extracted from oil to form the basis of so-called medicines. John D Rockefeller at some point realised that oil extracts sold in the form of small pills and potions were immeasurably more profitable than oil products selling for a few cents a gallon. The Flexner report of 1910 heavily criticised the existing medical schools and training of doctors; as this report conveniently and eminently suited the ambitions of Rockefeller, shortly afterwards Rockefeller began to 'philanthropically' donate (translation = invest) vast sums of money into reforming medical schools. He had funded the University of Chicago to the tune of US$80 million by 1900 (1.2 billion today). He was influenced and advised by one Frederick Taylor Gates, a vaccine meddler, perhaps even a genocidal maniac who was heavily involved in the 1918 so-called Spanish flu epidemic, which did not come from Spain and had nothing to do with flu, it being derived from the mass experimental vaccination campaign. Frederick T gates is also purported to be the grandfather of Bill Gates, another vaccine meddler.


Thus pills, potions and poisons derived from oil became widely promoted and accepted by the general population seeking easy fix remedies, not unlike today, with little or no research on long-term studies into the adverse impacts and side-effects; also there were no independent peer reviewed comparison studies with the previous natural, homeopathic and plant-based remedies other than denigrating them with false articles and documentation.


Side-effects from oil based synthetic medicines were covered up or simply blamed on new diseases and variants and the situation arose of never-ending illness with convenient drug based remedies and the general public still believed in whatever was spouted by anyone in a white coat.The tentacles of infiltration and control continue to spread far and wide such that all doctors and nurses and indeed other health practitioners generally all have to be state registered with anyone who dares to speak out against the official narrative vilified, sacked, disgraced and censored. The same applies with all other remedies, protocols and therapeutics which are contrary to the official narrative yet which are far more efficacious and safer in most cases.


Such that to date, we are under constant attack from toxins in the air with chemtrails and atmospheric aerosols, water supply with fluoride, chlorine, graphene and many others, food with all manner of toxins such as pesticides, heavy metal contaminants, unnecessary additives and such as excess sugars, artificial sweeteners all designed to cause ill health, disease and long-term suffering. There are other vectors of attack from 5G weapons masquerading as telecoms, EMF emissions, RF waves, clothing, footwear, bedding and upholstery.

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