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MRI Scan & Clothing

Be mindful of your clothing before attending an MRI scan!! Unexpected magnetic resonance imaging burn injuries from jogging pants.

"The list of materials of the jogging pants did not indicate any metal. However, light, thin metal fibres were used." - many people would wear the loose clothing style jogging pants, thinking no metal would be in them, such as in jeans with studs, but microfibers in the jogging pants caused the burns.

"MRI burn injuries, whether from heat conduction or direct skin contact, can be extremely serious. Numerous cases of painful first- and second-degree burn injuries have been reported"

“A previous report showed invisible metallic microfibers, which is found in popular athletic clothing, and presented an unrecognized MRI risk for cutaneous burns [4]. It showed a case of a second-degree burn in an 11-year-old girl who presented for a scoliosis evaluation with MRI. The patient wore a grey undershirt under a long-sleeved white t-shirt and grey sweatpants"

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