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Poor bone density is not due to a primary calcium deficiency.

Poor bone density is not due to a primary calcium deficiency. It can be caused by secondary calcium deficiency; factors that impair its absorption, lead to increase its losses by the kidney or inhibit the mineralisation of bone. What should pop into your head? Vitamin D! It is essential for absorption of dietary calcium and also stimulates the bone building cells… Osteoblasts. These produce osteocalcin, the protein that binds calcium. Where will you get the best source of vitamin D? Sunshine! It is the action of the Sun on the skin converts cholesterol to vitamin D. This is then rapidly absorbed. The kidneys convert it to its active form, calcitriol and this stimulates the production of a calcium binding protein, required for the uptake and transport of dietary calcium across the gut. It doesn’t matter how much calcium you take, if you do not have adequate vitamin D, it will not be absorbed! Get out in the midday sun when your shadow is short. Expose as much of your skin as possible and stay in the Sun until your skin slightly changes colour and then cover-up. Your body can store vitamin D, so make the most of long hot sunny days and short ones in the winter months.

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