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Nurture Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Naturally


Meet the Natural Nurse

70 years ago, Albert Schweitzer said.

   “The doctor of the future will be oneself.”


You are here because you have taken responsibility for your own health and are becoming more knowledgeable with each passing day. 

You instinctively know that something is ‘wrong’ and you have lost faith in that which  we refer to as, ‘The Healthcare System’.


Welcome my friends. Join me on a journey of learning how to avoid and reverse disease naturally. With each passing day, you will grow in confidence and learn how to minister the principles of health to others.


The true physician is, indeed, an educator, recognising their responsibility, not only to the sick, but to the wider community in which they live, family, friends and colleagues.


As a minister for healing, you will become a true guardian of health, teaching the right methods and encouraging life habits that will lead to vitality and joyful living. 

Our current modern lifestyle is encouraging illness and disease, and it is time to embrace all that has been forgotten or hidden and pass this on to future generations. 

Are you excited? I do hope so.


Now let us begin.

About Me

My name is Kate Shemirani

Kate Shemirani, born Kay Allison Wright, was born the youngest of three daughters in Nottingham, England on November 30th, 1965. Her father a postman and her mother a secretary, she was raised in a typical working class Midlands family.


Kate is divorced and lives in beautiful East Sussex with her two chihuahuas and four cats. She has four grown up young adult children, two boys and two girls.


Kate first trained as a nurse in 1984. She joined British Airways and flew as a stewardess for almost a decade, travelling everywhere that a 747 went around the world. During this time, she met her husband, Faramarz. They married in 1996 and were blessed with 4 children in quick succession ( there are a set of twins in the middle)! The next eight years were devoted to raising them.

About Natural Nurse

Offering Dietary Healing and Natural Health 


Women's Health

Natural Health

Stress Management


Hormonal Balance


"The natural nurse you have been looking for is your own knowledge and commitment to caring for your body, mind, and spirit."

Natural Nurse

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